Don’t Do This After You’ve Been Arrested

No one wants to get arrested and go to jail but events can sometimes lead to mishaps that land us behind bars. And while you’re angry that you’re in jail, it’s important that you do not do anything that causes the situation to get any worse than it is already. Don’t do anything on the list below to ensure that your stint in jail is short-lived and as smooth as one can expect when they’re behind bars.

Act Foolish

Acting out may cause the other inmates to root and cheer but it’s only going to make things worse on you. How does a stint in the big chair sound? No, you’re not going to death row but you can be confined to a chair for disruptive behavior or placed in solitary confinement.

Make Threats

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No matter how many judges, police officers, or attorneys you know, do not start making threats against the correctional officers, police officers, or others within the jail. It will not put any fear anyone but can make your stay a lot harder.

Stay in Jail

With the option to call a bondsman to post cabarrus county bail bonds, staying in jail should be the last thing that you do. Bondsmen charge just 10% of the original bond amount so it’s easier to gather the funds to get out of jail. Don’t waste your freedom when it is your right to post bond and get out of jail until your court date arrives.

Talk Too Much

You may have tons of things you want to say but refrain from doing so. What you say can be used against you in court and you do not want to do anything to help those who want to take away your freedom. Wait until you are safe in your home to talk about the jail experience when only the people that you know and trust are within ear shot.